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DNA computer

(l-r) Dr. Tuval Ben Yehezkel, Prof. Ehud Shapiro and Tamir Biezuner

Programmable devices made of biological molecules can identify exact DNA sequences in living cells

(l-r) Uri Ben-Dor, Prof. Ehud Shapiro, Yaakov Benenson, Dr. Rivka Adar and Binyamin Gil. Doctor-in-a-cell
Tiny DNA computing devices have been programmed to find signs of cancer in a test tube...
Biological Computer Diagnoses Cancer and Produces the Drug -- in a Test Tube
Weizmann Institute scientist’s vision: Microscopic computers will function inside living tissues, performing...
Tiny Computing Machine Fueled by DNA
Fifty years after the discovery of the structure of DNA, a new use has been found for this celebrated molecule: fuel for...
illustration: Trillion Computers in one drop

Trillions of microscopic biological computers vigilantly patrolling your body in search of disease? Welcome to the brave new world of computer...

Weizmann Institute Scientist Designs The First General-Purpose Mechanical Computing Device To Serve As The Basis For A Biological Computer
The first general-purpose mechanical computer designed for biomolecular and pharmaceutical applications has been developed by...