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turning weakness into strength

The new method may enable quality control without costly purification procedures

drug cocktails

A new model can predict drug interactions and side effects even between a large number of components

Immortalized cells, left, pretreated with a drug that blocks the ERK signal, and right, without the pretreatment. Top cells are untreated, while the bottom ones are stimulated

Weizmann Institute scientists identify a potential drug molecule that stops cancer cells, but not healthy ones, from getting their “mail”

(l-r) Dr. Sigalit Boura-Halfon, Hadas Shatz-Azoulay, Dr. Eytan Elhanan, Prof. Yehial Zick, Roi Isaac, Dr. Yaron Vinik, Prof. Sanford Simpson, Itai Efodi, Prof. Rivka Pollak and Sarina Striem

“Feel-good” drugs like Prozac may have an unwanted side effect: diabetes

PPhP products

The Weizmann Institute – and the outbreak of WWII – played leading roles in the establishment of Israel’s pharmaceutical industry

Bringing Down Barriers

An unusual protein sequence may help drugs cross the brain-blood barrier

A(l-r) Prof. Irit Sagi, Barak Akabayov and Ariel Solomon.
A technique for observing rapid enzyme movements in real time may help in developing better drugs
BioLineRx In-Licenses Two Additional Drug Candidates

Company expands therapeutic pipeline to fourteen by signing four in-licensing agreements in...