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Ed Bayer

Prof. Meir Wilchek

From refugee child to world-renowned scientist, Prof. Meir Wilchek opened doors to new techniques in research and industry around the globe

Prof. Ed Bayer and his group

What does the human gut bacterium have in common with that of a cow?

Prof. Ed Bayer

Prof. Ed Bayer was chosen as a member of  the European Academy of Microbiology (EAM)

Cellulose fibers in the plant cell wall magnified 50,000 times by an atomic force microscope

Observing the breakdown of the tough material in plant cell walls may lead to better biofuel production

The future of fuel? Image: Thinkstock

The sequence will help researchers design better means of recycling waste and producing biofuel

What We Are Doing About: Alternative Energy
Creating environmentally friendly fuel from trash might be the ultimate recycling feat
Going for Green
Institute scientists are advancing the search for better fuel
Left to right: Prof. Ed Bayer, Jonathan Caspi, Rachel Haimovitz, Ilit Noach, Alon Karpol, Hadar Gilary, Dr. Ely Morag and Dr. Yoav Barak. Designer cellular machinery
A new version of an old cellular machine might help decompose garbage