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Prof. Naama Barkai

Weizmann Institute Scientists Discover: A 'Risk Distribution Law' for Evolution


Switching Goals

A computer simulation shows how evolution may have speeded up

(l-r) Dr. Erez Dekel and Prof. Uri Alon. Evolution in a test tube

Survival of the fittest in the lab: 300 generations of bacteria evolve to cope with test-tube conditions

The 3-D structure of the PON1 enzyme. The main section, in red, is the scaffold of the enzyme and is responsible for PON1’s primary function, while the blue and gray segments can undergo mutation and endow PON1 with additional, promiscuous functions

In the high-stakes game of evolution, some proteins hedge their bets

Dr. Yitzhak Pilpel. Gene team
If gene activities were football games, the substitute players would come from the nearest basketball team
Backups for the Gene Team
Weizmann Institute Scientists discover how substitutions are made for injured genes
Weizmann Institute Scientists Show how Proteins Beat the Evolutionary Stakes

A team of scientists at the Weizmann Institute of Science has shown one way that evolving organisms beat the...

How Humans Lost Their Scents
In at least one type of endeavor, humans can’t even begin to compete with their best friends. Dogs can be trained...
Humanity and Humanism: The Bioethical Perspective of Evolution
Hubert Markl, Professor of Biology, University of Konstanz, Germany
Former President of the Max Planck Society,...
Emulsion for rapid gene analysis

Why does nature choose some proteins over others?