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Genetic mutation

AIRE infographic

The findings could help diagnose and treat a number of autoimmune syndromes

l-r) Dr. Asaph Aharoni, Dr. Ilana Rogachev, Tal Mendel and Dr. Avital Adato

Pink tomato genes code for more than color.


Prof. Yoram Groner.

Prof. Yoram Groner is a pioneer in Down syndrome research

Profs. Karen Avraham and Yoram Groner.

Prof. Karen Avraham researches the genetic causes of deafness

Stirring encounter. Prof. Varda Rotter and Prof. Eytan Domany [Biology Encounters Physics]

When Biology Encounters Physics : Prof. Varda Rotter and Prof. Eytan Domany's combined study on cancer treatment and...

Left to right: Drs. Nili Avidan, Tzviya Olender and Edna Ben-Asher.

Scientists identify a gene causing a familial heart condition in a Bedouin community