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Green Chemistry

Weak Interactions, Sturdy Predictions

The math at the basis of information theory could help explain systems like ocean waves

(l-r) Standing: Dr. Haim Weissman, Dr. Boris Rybtchinski, Elisha Krieg. Sitting: Dr. Eyal Shimoni and Elijah Shirman. Flexible bonds

“Water-hating” molecules that stick together can create changeable, environmentally-friendly materials.

Prof. David Milstein. Hydrogen in three easy steps
A new method for splitting water may lead to cleaner fuel in the future
What We Are Doing About: Alternative Energy
Creating environmentally friendly fuel from trash might be the ultimate recycling feat
Illusteration:green chemistry
The smartest way to cut pollution is to prevent it. That’s the motto of “green” chemistry, a relatively new initiative to...
Profs. David Milstein (left) and Ronny Neumann. Chemistry goes green

New catalysts for industrial processes that produce water as their only waste product