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Ido Amit

Not Just Infection: Pregnant Women’s Immune Response to a Virus May Affect Fetal Brain Cells

In a study in mice, the mother’s natural anti-viral proteins disrupted the development of neural circuits in the fetus

Cancer “Helpers” Come in Different Types

Supporting actors in cancer growth may help predict the course of the disease

Prof. Ido Amit

Prof. Ido Amit is the recipient of the Michael Bruno Memorial Award from the Israel Institute for Advanced Studies at the Hebrew University of...

Prof. Ido Amit

Prof. Ido Amit is the recipient of the Sanofi – Institut Pasteur 2019 Junior Award

Fellows in the group of Prof. Ido Amit

An advanced method for investigating the activity of single cells could lead to better immunotherapy drugs


Israeli scientists and physicians develop a new technology for profiling the unique genetic makeup of myeloma tumor cells that will allow better...

(l-r) Prof. Ido Amit and Prof. Amos Tanay

Weizmann Institute scientists have been chosen to participate in the international project to map every cell in the human body

(Bottom row, l-r) Prof. Ido Amit, Prof. Michal Schwartz and Dr. Hadas Keren-Shaul. (Top row, l-r) Dr. Assaf Weiner, Orit Matcovitch-Natan and Amit Spinrad

A newly discovered immune cell type may lead to a future treatment for Alzheimer's disease

Prof. Ido Amit

Prof. Ido Amit