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Ilan Koren

Smoke near Australia

A study uncovers how some Australian fires produced a spreading stratospheric haze rivaling that of a volcanic eruption

The research setup included an intake at the top of the mast. The Tara research schooner, 2016

The discovery of microplastics in the air above the ocean reveals the spread of this hazardous pollution

Entering the Cloud “Twilight Zone”

Nearly invisible, all-but-ignored areas of thin cloud cover raise temperatures below


An Israeli-German mission to launch a formation of ten tiny satellites that use medically-inspired CT algorithms to answer climate questions wins...

Fragments of phytoplankton outer shell

When viral infection wipes out an algal bloom, fragments may turn airborne, increasing clouds and cooling the surface below

algal bloom from space

How do algal blooms spread in areas where nutrients are scarce? 

Dr. Flores on Tara

Scientists aboard the TARA investigate marine ecology

alagal bloom in the North Sea

Sea breezes may play an unwitting role in the decimation of giant algal blooms

Satellite image showing a patch of bright waters associated with a bloom of phytoplankton in the Barents Sea off Norway. Image courtesy of Norman Kuring, Ocean Color Group at Goddard Space Flight Center, NASA

Understanding how viruses attack giant algal blooms may help us understand their role in fixing global carbon

Convective clouds forming over the Amazon in a blanket smoke. Image: Prof. Ilan Koren

Weizmann Institute research shows how atmospheric particles affect cloud formation in real...