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Irit Sagi

Structural model of an MMP-9 enzyme
The Achille's heel of an enzyme involved in cancer metastasis is revealed
A(l-r) Prof. Irit Sagi, Barak Akabayov and Ariel Solomon.
A technique for observing rapid enzyme movements in real time may help in developing better drugs
Countries in the SESAME project

A particle accelerator being built in Jordan may serve to accelerate peace in the region

Live Footage of Enzymes

Biological molecules are now being featured on "reality TV" in the lab of Prof. Irit Sagi

New method tracking single atoms may lead to improved drug design
Prof. Irit Sagi and her team are using new and innovative methods developed at the Weizmann Institute to see real time “video...
New Talents, New Faces, New Fields

Meet some of the newest members of the Weizmann Institute faculty