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Irit Sagi

The extracellular matrix as captured by a scanning electron microscope (SEM)

Changes to the extracellular matrix could point to the future development of inflammatory bowel diseases

Prof. Irit Sagi

Prof. Irit Sagi is the recipient of the 2020 ICS-Adama Prize for Technological Innovation

Ozeri, Reich, Chen, Sagi and Harmelin

Institute President, Prof. Alon Chen: “Our alumni provide the foundations of Israel’s booming economy.”

Irit Sagi

Institute scientists have developed a potential drug that attenuates autism-like behaviors in disease models

Prof. Irit Sagi

Prof. Irit Sagi has been awarded the Landau Prize of Mifal Hapais for Biochemistry

degraded collagen

A series of studies has shown that the connective tissue surrounding our cells plays a very active role in human health and disease ...

Bone marrow EPCR+ hematopoietic (blood-forming) stem cell in an anticoagulant niche

How does the body keep replenishing the supply of blood cells all our lives? Two pathways must work together

Water dynamics near an enzyme-collagen complex: The rates at which water molecules exchange hydrogen bonds with one another depend on the distance from the active site of the enzyme (gray) and on the type of collagen interacting with the enzyme; the different rates create a gradient of water motions, ranging from extremely fast (red) to very slow (blue and light-blue)

Water molecules in the body keep going after the main reaction is over