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Jacob Hanna

Dr. Jacob (Yaqub) Hanna

Dr. Jacob (Yaqub) Hanna is the recipient of the Broad Institute Collaborative Project Award

Dr. Jacob Hanna

Dr. Jacob Hanna was awarded the Krill Prize for Excellence in Scientific Research

Dr. Jacob Hanna

Dr. Jacob Hanna was chosen to be an EMBO Young Investigator

Embryonic stem cells (marked in green fluorescent protein) that should become sex cells, in which the gene encoding Utx is not present. Each column shows a gene needed for sex cell development (top row – marked in red, purple and orange). After 12 days (bottom row) the expression of the four genes has stopped and, rather than develop into sperm or ova, the stem cells die

Weizmann scientists discover an enzyme that is crucial for turning back the development clock in cells

Stem cells (alkaline phosphatase staining) from the lab of Dr. Jacob Hanna

When a critical step in stem cell differentiation goes awry, it can lead to cancer

Judging DNA by Its Cover

A newly-discovered molecular mechanism might explain the link between stem cells and cancer

Colony of mouse embryonic stem cells, stained blue and green

Dr. Jacob Hanna is revealing the secrets of stem cells, including their potential to treat disease