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Lucio Frydman

Fluid-filled structures in the placenta: maternal and fetal blood vessels and embryo-derived trophoblast cells infiltrating the mother's vasculature

A new MRI technique reveals how the mother's blood flow and that of the fetus meet in the placenta

Running muscles may be predominantly fast- or slow-twitch

A new MRI-based method can detect metabolite levels in real time

Mapping of size distributions of a mouse’s gray matter by quantum-controlled proton MRI. (l) Brain proton MRI; (c) mean cellular size; (r) distribution peak

From quantum physics to biology, a new approach to magnetic resonance turns protons into “spies”

Drawing by Ron Weinstock, a student at the Henry Ronson ORT High School in Ashkelon

Machinery based on single atoms may be able to bend the laws of thermodynamics

Prof. Lucio Frydman

Prof. Lucio Frydman has been awarded the Russell Varian Prize

Prof. Lucio Frydman

Prof. Lucio Frydman was appointed Chair of the European Magnetic Resonance Association Board of Trustees (2012)

Prof. Lucio Frydman

Prof. Lucio Frydman was appointed Chief Editor of the Journal of Magnetic Resonance (2012)

Profs. Lucio Frydman and Gershon Kurizki and D. D. Bhaktavatsala Rao. Minimal force

A unique collaboration demonstrates how to heat tiny particles just by measuring them

Prof. Hadassa Degani

Prof. Hadassa Degani: "The advances in this technology have the potential to revolutionize the field of diagnostics. I have...

Prof. Lucio Frydman

Frydman’s invention allows scientists around the world to investigate a variety of molecules in their natural environment and in real time –...