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Lucio Frydman

Prof. Lucio Frydman

Prof. Lucio Frydman is the recipient of a Helmholtz International Fellow Award

Prof. Lucio Frydman

Prof. Lucio Frydman is the recipient of an Eastern Analytical Symposium Award for Outstanding Achievements in Magnetic Resonance

Prof. Lucio Frydman

Prof. Lucio Frydman has been awarded the Kolthoff Prize from the Technion

Zoomed-in xSPEN diffusion data arising from a human frontal lobe (dashed square regions) containing the optic nerve indicated by the yellow arrows

A new MRI method developed at the Weizmann Institute of Science improves our ability to study the brain and other non-homogeneous tissues

Prof. Lucio Frydman

Prof. Lucio Frydman was awarded the Wang T.C. Lecture Professorship of Wuhan Institute of Physics and Mathematics, Chinese Academy of Sciences...

Magnetic resonance image of a rat’s brain subjected to a partial stroke in the right hemisphere (black square); the left hemisphere remained intact (green square)

An MRI method for picking up the faintest signals can reveal the workings of the brain

Fluid-filled structures in the placenta: maternal and fetal blood vessels and embryo-derived trophoblast cells infiltrating the mother's vasculature

A new MRI technique reveals how the mother's blood flow and that of the fetus meet in the placenta

Running muscles may be predominantly fast- or slow-twitch

A new MRI-based method can detect metabolite levels in real time

Mapping of size distributions of a mouse’s gray matter by quantum-controlled proton MRI. (l) Brain proton MRI; (c) mean cellular size; (r) distribution peak

From quantum physics to biology, a new approach to magnetic resonance turns protons into “spies”