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Mathematical model

And the Mountain Moved
A Weizmann Institute scientist reveals how a mountain may have moved.

The mountains...
Dr. Nir Gov. Moving models

Red blood cells must be flexible yet tough. A physics-based model shows how.

Prof. David Harel, graduate student Sol Efroni and Prof. Irun Cohen. Survival of the fittest

Of every hundred "cadet" blood stem cells, only a select few complete the immune system’s rigorous training

Dr. Hezi Gildor. Plankton predictions

Population changes in tiny ocean organisms might drive weather patterns across the globe

Back (l-r): Students Nadav Kashtan, Ron Milo and Shalev Itzkovitz. Front: Dr. Uri Alon. Nature’s motifs

Some patterns repeat themselves in all sorts of natural networks, from genes to food chains

Sling Effect in Clouds Brings on the Rain

New formula developed by Weizmann Institute physicists may improve rain prediction

Prof. David Harel, Prof. Irun Cohen, and Ph.D. student Na'aman Kam

A computer program designed for the aricraft industry is finding a new use in biology

Downward spiral

Basic research into the path of a falling leaf helps reveal how a missing submarine went down

Science Without Frontiers: Down to the Bare Bone

Experts on biological and composite materials work together to develop a model of bone structure

Why Does your Face Look so Familiar?
A mathematical model describing a brain process may help computers learn to recognize...