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Mathematical model

Dorsal-GFP displaying a gradient of nuclear localization

How does the fertilized egg start the process of becoming a diversified organism?

cell and numbers. Image: Thinkstock

The study explains why certain patients develop severe infections after chemotherapy and points to ways of averting this side-effect


A complex for activating certain RNAs must avoid cutting up the wrong strands

Living Microprocessor Tunes in to Feedback

What keeps the machinery for chopping functional pieces out of certain long RNA strands from cutting up the wrong kinds of RNA?

Earthquake damage: occurs when ruptures propagate at the speed of sound

What distinguishes slow, silent earthquakes from the big shaking kind?

Associations between bacterial species in the gut microbiota of “humanized” mice. A spring graph in which nodes correspond to significant relationships between “species”-level, and edges correspond to the top 300 nonlinear relationships. Node size is proportional to the number of these relationships between species relationships, black edges represent relationships explained by diet, and node glow color is proportional to the fraction of adjacent edges that are black (100% is red, 0% is blue)

From data sets to love – a pair of math students make the connections

Dr. Ilan Koren. In the clouds. Cloud photo: Tamar Deutsch

What do a herd of gazelles and a fluffy mass of clouds have in common?

Two-, three- and four-way retinal neuron interactions on viewing a natural scene
A new approach to researching groups of neurons may one day help us understand the “language” of the brain
clouds. Photo: Tamar Deutsch

A new model for the dynamics of clouds and rain shows they behave like prey and predator

Distribution of skeletal proteins in an artificial membrane resembling a long bacteria: The spontaneous curvature of the proteins (purple) drives them to move together to form rings that coalesce, increasingly constricting the membrane
"Multidisciplinary research" takes on new meaning in one student's work