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Moty Heiblum

Making the video: (l-r) Johnny Goldstein and Ivri Lider at the top of the Institute's Koffler Accelerator

Weizmann Institute’s physics alumni reunion gives rise to a new video clip, in an unusual collaboration between Institute physicists and the pop...


A particle that is its own antiparticle, first proposed in 1937, has made an appearance in a Weizmann lab

(l-r) Dr. Roee Ozeri, Prof. Adi Stern and Prof. Moty Heiblum. Pushing quantum limits
Can the strange properties of quantum physics be harnessed to build computers?
An artist’s impression of the quantum Hall device in which even fractional charges were measured
A new fractionally-charged electron could, in the future, lead to quantum computers
Weizmann Institute Scientists Find New 'Quasiparticles'

Weizmann Institute physicists have demonstrated, for the first time, the existence of 'quasiparticles...

Prof. Mordehai Heiblum

Prof. Mordehai Heiblum was appointed Head of the Condensed Matter Physics Department.

Opposites Interfere
In a classic physics experiment, photons (light particles), electrons, or any other quantum particles are...
illustration: How “micro” can we go?
For decades, “thinking big” in electronics has meant the pursuit of smaller and smaller goals. Only a short while ago, for...
Dr. Vladimir Umansky, Prof. Moty Heiblum, Dr. Yungchul Chung, and Dr. Diana Mahalu. Negotiating skills

What hidden logic allows nature to bend its own rules?