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Nir Friedman

endocrine glands

A new model of autoimmune disease may solve some great outstanding riddles, including what causes T cells to attack and why only certain organs...

cell cultures grown at different densities

When helper T cells get together, they plan an immune strategy for the long and the short term 

ziv porat

A cutting-edge instrument sees individual cells as they flow past at a rate of 5000 a second

Paradox Alice in Wonderland

Why do biological systems use the same signaling molecule for opposite purposes?

(l-r) Dr. Zohar Mukamel, Zohar Shipony and Prof. Amos Tanay

As the body’s cell divide and age, mistakes can pile up in the genome's "tags"

Dr. Nir Friedman

Some immune receptors are created from random combinations of genes. But not everything is left to chance.

Immune Cells Make Flexible Choices

Certain immune cell receptors are more common than mere chance would dictate. New research shows why

Dr. Nir Friedman.

A new method for reporting on cells’ activities may help scientists to crack their code

Dr. Nir Friedman