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Noam Stern-Ginossar

Lung macrophages infected with the human cytomegalovirus. Cells harboring an active infection are in bright green

High levels of defensive proteins offer protection against a hostile takeover by herpes viruses

Microscopic image of cultured human lung cells infected with SARS-CoV-2

A new study exposes how SARS-CoV-2 tampers with the cell's hardware to outsmart the immune system

How Cancers Hurt Themselves to Hurt Immune Cells More

A study of melanoma cells explains a puzzling response they exhibit to ward off T cell attacks


The new profile may lead to better diagnostics, and provide a better understanding of this unusual virusA new approach to understanding the virus...

Noam Stern-Ginossar and group

What happens when a mechanism meant to protect the cell gets exploited by bad-mannered viruses? 

Women in science

Ten years on, an innovative postdoc program for women is proving its worth

Dr. Noam Stern-Ginossar

Dr. Noam Stern-Ginossar has been elected as an EMBO Young Investigator.