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Oren Tal

noise, illustration

A new type of noise identified at the Weizmann Institute of Science may advance the study of heat transport in nanoscale systems and the design of...

Molecules and electrodes

How well do molecules conduct electricity?

Platinum wires attached to a single organic molecule (center) can be elongated into a chain a single atom thick

The smallest electronic devices will require wires the thickness of an atom

(l-r) Tamar Yelin, Roy Kazaz, Dr. Oren Tal, Regev Ben-Zvi and Ran Vardimon. Moving through molecules
Dr Oren Tal creates electronic components from single molecules
Structure of GroEL, a barrel-shaped molecular machine found in bacterial cells that helps proteins fold; from the lab of Profs. Gilad Haran and Amnon Horowitz


The role of solitary molecules in electronics is likely to grow as the size of components continues to shrink...