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Organic Chemistry

Prof. David Milstein. Hydrogen in three easy steps
A new method for splitting water may lead to cleaner fuel in the future
DNA invades the host cell through a star-shaped opening
A giant virus must be efficient to get its DNA into the host cell
Dr. Boris Rybtchinski.

The future of solar energy might lie in light-absorbing paints

Amram Masad, Dr. Boris Perlmutter, Dr. Alexander Shif, Prof. Valeri Krongauz and Drs. Judith Ratner, Lev Pinkin and Dmitry Fridland. Bright future
Self-tinting glass has a bright future
A Better Water Test
Water is essential for life. Nevertheless, even small amounts of water in the wrong places – fuels, lubricants, or organic solvents...
Prof. David Cahen and Ph.D. student Adi Salomon. Switching bonds

Molecular chemistry gives scientists clues to building ultra-tiny switches

Metals Take a Walk
Organic Chemistry Scientists catch a glimpse of platinum-based complexes "walking" a path to their destinations....
A view of the spliceosome showing internal details
Scientists reveal the structure of a cellular machine that pieces together bits of gene code
Slow Release

"Chains" that fall away slowly could lead to new time-release drugs

Israeli Scientists Reveal the Plan of a Key Cellular Machine

The new study gives scientists insight into how the DNA code is turned into instructions for protein construction...