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Organic Chemistry

Deinococcus radiodurans
What gives a bacterium the ability to withstand 3000 times more radiation than humans?...
Radiation-Resistant Organism Reveals Its Defense Strategies
The secret to its strength is a ring
Weizmann Institute...
Profs. David Milstein (left) and Ronny Neumann. Chemistry goes green

New catalysts for industrial processes that produce water as their only waste product

Structure of a retinal protein (purple) and its key co-worker (blue)

It was long believed that the rotation of the "retinal molecule" was the first stage in vision. However, Prof. Mordechai Sheves of the Weizmann...

A First: Scientists Control The Properties of Semiconductor Devices Using Organic Molecules
Weizmann Institute scientists have made an important step towards harnessing organic molecules to future electronics. Reported in...
 Survival of the Neatest
Stress makes some proteins get themselves in order
Seeing the Light

A light-absorbing protein in the retina changes shape faster than the blink of an eye

DNA Crystals Help Bacteria Respond to Stress
DNA becomes remarkably organized in bacteria that are subjected to various conditions of stress, Weizmann Institute scientists...
 Trimming Down the Medicine Cabinet
A molecular "cork" might help drugs stay in the body longer and work better