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Organic Chemistry

Prof. David Cahen and Ph.D. student Adi Salomon. Switching bonds

Molecular chemistry gives scientists clues to building ultra-tiny switches

Metals Take a Walk
Organic Chemistry Scientists catch a glimpse of platinum-based complexes "walking" a path to their destinations....
A view of the spliceosome showing internal details
Scientists reveal the structure of a cellular machine that pieces together bits of gene code
Slow Release

"Chains" that fall away slowly could lead to new time-release drugs

Israeli Scientists Reveal the Plan of a Key Cellular Machine

The new study gives scientists insight into how the DNA code is turned into instructions for protein construction...

Deinococcus radiodurans
What gives a bacterium the ability to withstand 3000 times more radiation than humans?...
Profs. David Milstein (left) and Ronny Neumann. Chemistry goes green

New catalysts for industrial processes that produce water as their only waste product

Structure of a retinal protein (purple) and its key co-worker (blue)

It was long believed that the rotation of the "retinal molecule" was the first stage in vision. However, Prof. Mordechai Sheves of the Weizmann...