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Plant and Environmental Sciences

Heavy imbalance: The biomass of humans, livestock, pets and wild mammals (Illustration: Itai Raveh)

Wild land mammals weigh less than 10 percent of the combined weight of humans and are outweighed by cattle and other domesticated mammals by a...

Flint tools found at the Evron Quarry. Photo: Zane Stepka

Using advanced AI techniques, the researchers discover one of the earliest pieces of evidence for the use of fire

Cell Replacement by the Numbers

Mapping cellular turnover sheds light on the balance between renewal and stability in our bodies

The research setup included an intake at the top of the mast. The Tara research schooner, 2016

The discovery of microplastics in the air above the ocean reveals the spread of this hazardous pollution

The Mass of Human-Made Materials Now Equals the Planet’s Biomass

We are doubling the mass of the human-made, “anthropogenic” part of the world every twenty years and the curve is not flattening

Using a Wrench to Hammer Nails

A step in the biochemical pathway for soapy plant compounds comes from the “wrong” set of tools 


Researchers reveal early response of tumor vessels to anti-cancer therapy  

Orenia fungi

Underground fungal networks transfer carbon between neighboring trees, even of different species

Grove of trees

Dr. Rafat Qubaja's work on campus trees shows even small groves can help mitigate climate change