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Ron Naaman

Prof. Ron Naaman

Prof. Ron Naaman has been elected a Member of the Academia Europaea and Admitted a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry

Prof. Ron Naaman

Prof. Ron Naaman is the recipient of the Meitner Humboldt Research Award

Opposite Attraction: Magnets Separate Mirror-Image Crystals

The method may be used to purify drugs and numerous other chemicals 

spin up, spin down

Sorting out right- and left-handed molecules magnetically could improve industrial processes

chiral molecules select electron spins

The method could lead to solar-based production of hydrogen for fuel 

Dr. Sidney Cohen

A chemist takes on the challenge of online science education

chiral spin selection

Biological molecules may hold the key to “spintronic” applications

Prof. Ron Naaman

Prof. Ron Naaman was awarded the Kolthoff Prize from the Technion

Prof. Hasan Dweik of Al-Quds University (left), Dr. Ami Shalit, Director of the Feinberg Graduate School (left, upper row) and students from Al-Quds and Weizmann, participants in the Social Sciences and Humanitarian Affairs Master’s Program of the Sapienza University of Rome, at the Weizmann Institute of Science several years ago

Israeli and Arab scientists meet over chemistry

 (l-r) Profs. Zeev Vager and Dirk Schwalm and Dr. Oded Heber

A method developed at the Institute is rejuvenated; a molecular quiz is solved