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Ron Naaman

Profs. David Cahen, Leeor Kronik and Ron Naaman

To keep up with today’s fast-paced, technology-driven world, the quest to discover new materials has become more crucial than ever

Prof. Ron Naaman

Prof. Ron Naaman is the recipient of the IVS (Israel Vacuum Society) Research Excellence Prize

(l-r) Tal Markus, and Profs. Zeev Vager and Ron Naaman. Putting a spin on it

Biological molecules that twist can sort out electrons by their spin.

Biological Molecules Select Their Spin
The finding that a biological molecule – DNA – can discern between quantum states known as spin could have relevance for both...
Prof. Ron Naaman

Prof. Ron Naaman was appointed first Director of the Nancy and Stephen Grand Research Center for Sensors and Security

Niels Bohr at the dedication ceremony of the physics building at the Weizmann Institute
74 years ago: I want the striving for practical achievements to be accompanied by the discovery of knowledge for its own...
Prof. Ron Naaman
Prof. Ron Naaman received the Lectureship Award from the Chemical Society of Japan, Division of...
Sensing Trouble

A mini-sensor on a chip could detect everything from asthma to explosives

A carbon nanotube (shown in brown) forms a bridge between two segments of DNA supported by gold contacts (yellow) attached to a silicon surface (green)

DNA takes on a new task -- building nanotransistors

Transistor Genetics
Scientists at the Weizmann Institute use DNA to assemble nanosized electronic parts....