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Varda Rotter

Korea-Israel signing ceremony

Two Korean concerns will invest 12 million dollars in companies based on Institute research

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Meet the unique team of experts at the Nancy and Stephen Grand Israel National Center for Personalized Medicine

Prof. Varda Rotter

Prof. Varda Rotter is the recipient of the Anthony Dipple Carcinogenesis Award from the European Association for Cancer Research

Prof. Varda Rotter

Prof. Varda Rotter is the recipient of the Helmholtz International Fellow Award

Weizmann Institute Women in Science Program Wins Award in Barcelona

A program to help outstanding young women go abroad for postdoctoral...

(l-r) Amir Bar, Dr. Amos Tanay, Netta Mendelson-Cohen, Prof. Varda Rotter, Dr. Zohar Mukamel, Naomi Goldfinger, Gilad Landan and Dr. Alina Molchadsky

Surprising changes in certain genomic markers may help explain how cells can turn cancerous as they age and divide

Prof. Varda Rotter

Prof. Varda Rotter was elected as the President of the Israel Society for Cancer Research (ISCR).

(l-r) Prof. Varda Rotter, Dr. Eldad Tzahor, Dr. Ariel Rinon, Alina Molchadsky and Dr. Rachel Sarig. Migration regulation

A gene that protects us from cancer is also involved in the timing of a crucial stage of embryonic development.