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Vered Rom-Kedar

If, for example, the springy part forms a shelf in a rectangular container and the particle can “choose” to go either under or over the shelf, the transfer of energy becomes very efficient

New insight into the mathematics of fast- and slow-moving bodies

Prof. Vered Rom-Kedar

Prof. Vered Rom-Kedar has been appointed as Head of the Department of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics

cell and numbers. Image: Thinkstock

The study explains why certain patients develop severe infections after chemotherapy and points to ways of averting this side-effect

Prof. Vered Rom-Kedar

Prof. Vered Rom-Kedar studies systems that evolve over time, plying mathematics to gain new insights into our complex world

Prof. Vered Rom-Kedar. Stability in chaos
Where can chaos coexist with islands of stability?