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Yitzhak Pilpel

Communicating Vessels (2021), Lihi Turjeman

This year the Weizmann Institute will host Lihi Turjeman, Chen Flamenbaum, Carmi Dror and Lee Yanor to promote collaboration, mutual...


The findings demonstrate that fungi are living in tumors and may facilitate cancer detection, diagnosis and perhaps even treatment

"evolve: when science meets dance". Photo: Ami Jacobs

An original dance performance is set to debut at the end of the month following a yearlong creative exchange between resident choreographer and...

Copying Foreign Genes Helps Bacteria Withstand the Test of Time

Tracking how bacteria adopt new genes provides unique insight into their evolution, antibiotic resistance and the creation of useful bacteria in...

Prof. Yitzhak Pilpel

Prof. Yitzhak Pilpel is the recipient of the Helen and Martin Kimmel 2020 Award for lnnovative lnvestigation


Mapping where these errors occur was a feat they said couldn't be done. It turns out many are not random

bacteria compete

The principles of test-tube evolution may guide new biotechnology research 

slow: beginning translation

Slowing ribosomes as they "enter" the RNA highway keeps protein production flowing

which came first

In evolution, both chicken and egg may come first

Algorithm-generated comparisons among the genomes of cells from 450 tissue samples: The analysis revealed a striking similarity (red colors, upper right rectangle) in tRNA signatures among cancerous cells and healthy dividing cells, as well as a degree of similarity among the non-dividing cells (red colors, lower left rectangle), whereas no such similarity (blue) was found when dividing cells were compared with non-dividing ones

Synonyms in the gene code spell differences in cell division