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Zeev Vager

 (l-r) Profs. Zeev Vager and Dirk Schwalm and Dr. Oded Heber

A method developed at the Institute is rejuvenated; a molecular quiz is solved

(l-r) Tal Markus, and Profs. Zeev Vager and Ron Naaman. Putting a spin on it

Biological molecules that twist can sort out electrons by their spin.

Biological Molecules Select Their Spin
The finding that a biological molecule – DNA – can discern between quantum states known as spin could have relevance for both...
Prof. Zeev Vager
Prof. Zeev Vager and his Weizmann colleagues developed innovative radiation detectors based on...
Prof. Ron Naaman. Electrons in a co-op

How do films lacking any magnetic materials behave magnetically?

illustration:"Buckyball" discovery
They sound like characters in a miniature fantasyland: fullerene, nanotube and quantum dot. But these and other nanosized...
New Uses for Veteran Accelerators

Scientists use the Institute's three accelerators to investigate everything from calcium in the body to radiation in outer...