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3-D structure

Electron microscopy images representing different views of the MC4 receptor bound to setmelanotide, in complex with proteins activated by the binding

A 3D structure reveals how a unique molecular switch in our brain causes us to feel full – and may help develop improved anti-obesity drugs...

Experiments revealed multiple possible “paths” through a protein’s folding landscape

How does a protein fold? Institute scientists count the ways

Levodopa in the active site of mitochondrial Phenylalanyl-tRNA synthetase. The lattice is the observed electron density corresponding to the L-Dopa

An accidental substitution in a new protein strand can spell disaster

Israeli Scientists Reveal the Plan of a Key Cellular Machine

The new study gives scientists insight into how the DNA code is turned into instructions for protein construction...

Pacman in the Brain: Protein Chews up Vital Memory Chemical
What does the human brain have in common with a popular video game and a carnivorous flower? At least one thing, it turns out. A...