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Levodopa in the active site of mitochondrial Phenylalanyl-tRNA synthetase. The lattice is the observed electron density corresponding to the L-Dopa

An accidental substitution in a new protein strand can spell disaster

Dr. Oren Schuldiner. Early pruning for proper growth
Dr. Oren Schuldiner is revealing how the developing brain is sculpted
X-Rays Yield Mechanism of Alzheimer’s Drug

A study of an Alzheimer's drug's activity reveals why lower doses might be just as effective

X-Rays Yield Mechanism of Alzheimer’s Drug
A team of Weizmann scientists has gained new insight into the effects of a newly approved drug, rivastigmine, in...
Prof. Irith Ginzburg.

 A faulty wheel in nerve cell "carriages" might be responsible for tangled axons in Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases...

X-Rays May Show The Way To Better Alzheimer's Drugs
Weizmann Institute scientists have elucidated the means by which a plant substance blocks a key brain enzyme involved in...
From Ancient Wisdom to Modern Drug
X-ray crystallography reveals how a moss used in Chinese medicine inhibits an enzyme implicated in Alzheimer's disease...
Study Shows How Ancient Chinese Herb May Act As Alzheimer Drug
REHOVOT, Israel -- January 1, 1997 -- A new Weizmann Institute...