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Annual Report 2011

Prof. Ofer Lider
A competition held in memory of Prof. Ofer Lider bridges the gap between art and science
Leap of Faith Shahar Marcus. Still from video, 2010
Anyone who really wants to fly, can. It’s just a matter of will. That’s what Uri told me.
The Insomniac City Cycles | Ran Slavin. Still from film, 2004-2009
On the molecular scale, plants are in constant motion as they adapt to a changing environment
Bit.flow | Julius Popp. Installation, 2004-2008
Millions of immune cells are on the move in our bodies, passing on information about possible threats along the way
Untitled (installation #3), from the Crystal Habit series | Assaf Evron. Archival inkjet print, 2010
When a mimivirus forcibly ejects its genetic material into a cell, it sends along building materials to make a “virus factory”
Systems | Molly Surno. Still from a video, print on anodized aluminum, 30x40, 2011
Quick laser pulses are the key to turning molecules into tiny “Frisbees” aimed at a target
Han-Hai | Sabine Kacunko. Still from an interactive video installation, October 2009
Cellular “trash haulers” are assembled on the spot through a unique membrane fusion process
Altar | Oren Eliav. Oil on canvas, 145x260, 2010
Revealing what makes B cells migrate from one organ to another may suggest new treatments for leukemia
Zoloto | Shay Id Alony. Installation, painted wood, 2006
When two black holes get close, what are the chances they will meet and emit gravitational waves?
Mixed Media | Guy Goldstein. Pencil and graphite on paper, 2011
An algorithm for zooming in on repeating elements in images and videos can help reconstruct missing information