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Dr. Silvio Pitlik

The day after retiring from medicine, Pitlik showed up in the lab of Prof. Rotem, Sorek

drug cocktails

A new model can predict drug interactions and side effects even between a large number of components

Drs. Rotem Sorek and Adi Stern. Bacteria's Achilles heel

Autoimmune disease in bacteria: The finding could lead to new kinds of antibiotics.

Prof. Ephraim Katzir d
In the 1960s, Prof. Ephraim Katzir developed a method for binding enzymes to a variety of insoluble carriers. Enzymes speed up many...
Prof. Ada Yonath

The Weizmann Institute of Science congratulates Prof. Ada Yonath on receiving the 2009 Nobel Prize in chemistry and is...

Joining Forces
The 'resistance movement' founded by bacteria to combat antibiotics may be losing ground. By combining key properties of two...
Prof. Ada Yonath.

Uncovering the exact modes of action of five different antibiotics may help the design of better drugs in the future

Scientists Uncover The Exact Mode Of Action Of Five Antibiotic Drugs
Researchers from the Weizmann Institute of Science and Germany's Max-Planck Society have discovered how five antibiotic drugs...
New 'Bacteria Bashers' Wipe Out Infection
It used to be that antibiotics could be trusted to rid the body of a host of bacterial diseases. Today, however, emerging...