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Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

Prof. Vladimir Berkovich

Prof. Vladimir Berkovich was the recipient of a Meitner Humboldt Research Award from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation

(l-r) Gilad Landan, Dr. Amos Tanay and Rami Jaschek. New targets for treatment
Cancer-enhancing DNA may reside in a surprising part of the genome
Prof. Dan Dolev

Computer science was a...

Top (l-r): Leonid Karlinsky, Dr. Michel Vidal-Naquet, Ita Lifschitz, Boris Epshtein. Bottom (l-r): Prof. Shimon Ullman, Eli Okon, Evgeniy Bart, Dan Levy, Eran Borenstein. On all fours: the everfaithful LeilahProf. Ullman's
 How does the brain piece together the signals reaching it from the eye to make...
Comparison: Original, Weizmann and other techniques

Can computers make the leap from a mass of pixels to "object?"

Prof. Adi Shamir. Encryption

Prof. Adi Shamir receives the world's most prestigious award in computer science

Left to right: Dr. Rami Marelly and Prof. David Harel. Making computers play

A new  visual programming language treats complex systems like games

The Envelope Please....
Two managers have run into a delicate problem. Each has received a complaint from a company...
Science Without Frontiers: Putting the Brain to Work

Neurobiologists and mathematicians join forces to unravel the riddle of object recognition

Prof. Amir Pnueli
REHOVOT, Israel -- November 7, 1996 -- A Weizmann Institute of Science mathematician, Prof. Amir Pnueli, has been named the...