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Asaph Aharoni

colorful food

Phytolon, a start-up based on Weizmann Institute technology, aims to replace artificial food dyes with safe, cost-effective, stable, all-natural...

Beet-colored tomatoes

Pigments made by beets may help boost resistance to disease and the nutrition value of crops

Arabidopsis leaves with and without cholesterol

The biochemical steps to making cholesterol in plants turn out to be surprisingly similar to those in animals 

A section of a ripe tomato sample showing the distribution of sucrose (orange) in the flesh and of an antioxidant (green) in the fruit skin tissue; mass spectrometry imaging (MSI) technology was used to map the molecules

Weizmann Institute’s WeizMass and MatchWeiz help identify plant metabolites

colorful roots

Detailed profiles of hundreds of substances produced in different plant cell types can help improve crops – and our health

potato sprout. Image: Thinkstock

Revealing the gene network for producing the toxin in green potatoes may help improve crops

Tube map for plants

Plant breeders may soon be using “Underground maps” to improve their crops

Woodland strawberry. Image courtesy of H. Zell, Wikimedia commons

Institute scientists make a significant contribution to the wild strawberry genome.

Weizmann Institute researchers, together with an international team: Sequence the Full Woodland Strawberry Genome
In a collaborative effort involving 74 researchers from 38 research institutes, scientists have produced the full genome of a wild...