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Benjamin Geiger

Drawing from the Same Deck

The secrets of heart regeneration in chronic heart failure demonstrated in mice 

Gush Dan neighborhoods

A method of predicting the coronavirus spread, pioneered and developed by Weizmann Institute scientists, may enable the authorities to focus...

Prof. Benjamin Geiger

Prof. Benjamin Geiger has been elected a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Tethered cancer cells

This finding may help solve the puzzle of certain types of aggressive metastasis 

A melanoma cancer cell is labeled with invadopodia markers in fluorescence microscopy

How does a cancer cell push its way out of the surrounding tissue?

(l-r) Dr. Ariel Livne, Prof. Benjamin Geiger and Dr. Eran Bouchbiner

To understand how cells orient themselves, Weizmann Institute researchers turned to a model from physics

Cytoskeletal fibers (green) and adhesion sites (orange) grow when the Arp2/3 complex is present in its hybrid version (right) compared with the regular, seven-subunit version (left). When Arp2/3 is absent altogether, the fibers and the adhesion sites deteriorate (center)

A seven-unit structure that helps a cell move can rearrange to help anchor it in place

(l-r) Profs. Benjamin Geiger and Joachim Spatz

A biologist and a materials scientist create a new approach to understanding living cell mechanics

Non-polarized cell six hours after seeding onto a compliant fibronectin-coated substrate. Yellow shows paxillin, a protein associated with focal adhesions

Sticky cells take their cues from the surface they adhere to

Prof. Benjamin Geiger
Prof. Benjamin Geiger,...