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Biological Regulation

Illustration: helping hand

When one of the cell’s garbage disposal systems is in trouble, another one lends a hand.

Eight Hours of Resistance

Why do cancer cells easily give in to the temptation to divide?

Pregnant Venus. The other side of stress molecules

The “stress” molecules eliminated by common food supplements play a positive role in ovulation.

Prof. Hadassa Degani

Prof. Hadassa Degani was awarded the Teva Founders Prize for Imaging of Diseases Research

Dr. Karina Yaniv. New growth

Dr. Karina Yaniv is overturning accepted theories on blood and lymph vessel formation.

Prof. Rony Seger

Prof. Rony Seger was appointed Head of the Biological Regulation Department and Head of the Willner Family Center for Vascular Biology

(l-r) Liat Shachnai, Natalie Yivgi-Ohana, Prof. Atan Gross, Maria Maryanovich and Dr. Yehudit Zaltsman-Amir
A newly-discovered character in the cell suicide drama may be a promising target for anti-cancer drugs
Weizmann Institute Scientists Discover: Antioxidants Cause Fertility Problems in Females
Antioxidants are sold over the counter everywhere. They’re added to food, drink and face cream. But according to Prof. Nava...
(l-r) Prof. Yosef Yarden and Dr. Yaron Mosesson. In the bubble

Cells missing a recycling mechanism get trapped in a cancer-causing cycle