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Biological Regulation

Where Lab and Clinic Meet- Dr. Ayelet Erez Work

Dr. Ayelet Erez finds that clinical work and lab research are a powerful combination

 (l-r) Profs. Irit Sagi and Martina Havenith at the opening ceremony for the launch of the Ruhr University Bochum’s Cluster of Excellence RESOLV

The Weizmann Institute's Prof. Irit Sagi is a leader in the new field of solvation science

(l-r) Amir Bar, Dr. Amos Tanay, Netta Mendelson-Cohen, Prof. Varda Rotter, Dr. Zohar Mukamel, Naomi Goldfinger, Gilad Landan and Dr. Alina Molchadsky

Surprising changes in certain genomic markers may help explain how cells can turn cancerous as they age and divide

Sculpture: Igor Mitoraj

Factors that direct the formation of the heart and face must network during embryonic development

Microscope image of embryonic zebrafish blood vessels

A newly discovered protein ties cholesterol to blood vessel formation

Kill the Messenger

A molecule developed at the Institute can intercept potentially cancer-promoting messages before they reach the cell nucleus

Kill the Messenger

A small molecule developed at the Weizmann Institute prevents a cancer-causing message from entering the cell nucleus

Top: Dr. Noa Chapal-Ilani and Yitzhak Reizel. Bottom: Drs. Rivka Adar and Shalev Itzkovitz, and Profs. Nava Dekel and Ehud Shapiro

Tracing the lineages of cells resolves some outstanding questions in biology

The two faces of BID. When duty calls, it leaves the cell nucleus to initiate cell suicide. Illustration: Elite Avni

How does one protein direct two different life-or-death activities in the cell?

Prof. Yoram Salomon

Prof. Yoram Salomon was awarded the Sergio Lombroso Award in Cancer Research