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Biological Regulation

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To help molecular biologists in the difficult task of keeping abreast of current events in the world of...
Activity of 400 genes following exposure to a growth signal over time. Red indicates hightened gene activity
Tracing the activities of hundreds of genes reveals a cancer-prevention system...
Genes that slows cell division

Weizmann Institute Scientists Discover: A Group of Genes that Slows Cell Division and Prevents Cancer

(l) Mapping the concentration of a contrast material (simulating a drug) inside the tumor. (r) A mathematical interpreation that "translates" the concentration data into areas of different pressure inside the tumor. the lower the pressure, the greater the concentration.
A new diagnostic method can tell whether chemotherapy drugs will get to the tumor
An Injury that Heals

Routine uterine biopsies turned up a surprising result that could open up new pathways in fertility research....

Prof. Nava Dekel.

Some unexpected pregnancies may herald hope for women with fertility problems

Predicting Success
Weizmann Institute scientists create method for predicting chemotherapy success indicating...
Left to right: Dr. Atan Gross, Iris Kamer, Dr. Rachel Sarig, Limor Regev, Galia Oberkovitz, Dr. Hagit Niv and Dr. Yehudit Zaltsman. Cellular self-check
One protein is recruited to aid in both cell death and survival
MRI image: High levels of Ferritin show up in red, low levels in blue

A cellular iron storage molecule can double as a spy