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Biological Regulation

Laboratory analysis of a mouse brain shows the enzyme ASL (purple) prominently expressed in the locus coeruleus in the brainstem

Deficiency of a common substance could be linked to cognitive and behavioral problems

Igor Ulitsky

A non-coding gene’s neighbors reveal what it does for a “living.” The findings may pave the way to developing therapies for epilepsy and autism...

Irit Sagi

Institute scientists have developed a potential drug that attenuates autism-like behaviors in disease models

eradicating cancer

A study in mice showed that reducing a particular hormone signal keeps the cancer from growing and spreading

Soma Ghosh

"We attain higher achievement, better results and the opportunity to advance our scientific careers"

macrophage and bacteria

An algorithm that predicts the immune response to a pathogen could lead to early diagnosis for such diseases as tuberculosis

Mouse embryonic stem cells

Remodeling the power plants known as mitochondria are key to stem cell differentiation

Marine creatures

A new tool for mapping cells reveals how complex regulatory systems evolved to help diverse cell types cooperate

nitrogen in malignant and normal liver

Tests show that too little of this basic element is as problematic as too much