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Bone marrow

The Dark Side of the Bone

Discovery of stem cell light and darkness cycles may advance bone marrow transplantation

Bone marrow EPCR+ hematopoietic (blood-forming) stem cell in an anticoagulant niche

How does the body keep replenishing the supply of blood cells all our lives? Two pathways must work together

New lung cells are continuously created to replace the damaged ones: Lung tissue six weeks after stem cell transplantation (left) and 16 weeks after transplantation (right). Cells that originated in the transplanted stem cells are green, as opposed to the uncolored host lung cells. Photon-2 microscope image

Transplanted cells made their way to the lungs in mice and began producing healthy tissue


Veto on Disease

Making certain bone marrow cells less toxic may lead the way to safer transplants

Improving the Odds

A new method for bone marrow transplantation from mismatched donors restores the immune system faster

Bones Hold the Key to Blood Renewal
Though we think of them as solid and permanent, our bones are actually constantly being rebuilt throughout our lives. A team of...
Prof. Tsvee Lapidot and Ph.D. student Isabelle Petit. Raising anchor

A newly-discovered "anchors aweigh" mechanism may aid in collecting stem cells for transplant

Prof. Yair Reisner. Cells on a hair trigger

Cells that "draw first" in the fight with the immune system may facilitate bone marrow transplants

New Molecule Boosts Stem Cell Survival
Weizmann Institute researchers have developed a molecule that allows blood stem cells - the body's most primitive, immature...