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Brain research

As compared to the control brain (top), the autistic brain (bottom) shows weaker inter-hemispheric synchronization in several areas, particularly the superior temporal gyrus (light blue) and the inferior frontal gyrus (red)

The finding, by Weizmann Institute scientists, could lead to the development of tools for early diagnosis

cultured Cultured nerve cells that have been inoculated with RNA-bearing viruses. This RNA targets the CRF stress response, reducing gene expression

What happens when the body is unable to turn off the stress response? 

l-r) Dr. Asaph Aharoni, Dr. Ilana Rogachev, Tal Mendel and Dr. Avital Adato

Pink tomato genes code for more than color.


Dr. Elad Schneidman.
Neurons seem to practice group behavior, according to new research
Dr. Tali Kimchi. Behavioral switches
Brains are wired for both male and female behavior. What turns sex-related behavior on?
Standing: (l-r) Eran Dayan, Dr. Son Preminger, Dr. Guido Hesselman and Lior Fisch. Sitting: (l-r) Roye Salomon, Michal Ramot, Ido Davidesko, Prof. Rafael Malach and Michal Harel. Constant activity

Our brain cells are constantly active, even when our eyes are closed and our feet up

Behind Closed Eyes
Weizmann Institute research shows our brain's sense centers are...
Prof. Yadin Dudai, Uri Nili, Avi Mendelson, Nahum Stern, Rachel Ludmer, Dr. Yossi Chalamish and Efrat Furst. Hypnotic scan
Hypnosis reveals an area of the brain that represses recall
comparison of brain activity: prefrontal areas are significantly activated during introspection, while a completely different network of more posterior areas are active when people are intensely engaged in perceptual tasks
When we're engaged in a demanding task, we literally "lose" our sense of self
A Rose by Any Other Name

Do we all see the same rose -- or the same movie?