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David Cahen

Prof. David Cahen

Prof. David Cahen is the recipient of a Helmholtz International Fellow Award

halide perovskite

Explaining the self-healing properties of a remarkable material

Prof. David Cahen

Prof. David Cahen has been elected as the Prof. Ramakrishna Rao Visiting Chair position by the Indian Institute of Science

Profs. Ellen Moons and David Cahen

Prof. Moons, a member of the Swedish Academy, recently came to the Institute for the 70th birthday of Prof. David Cahen

electrons tunnel in protein

Uncovering quantum effects in the molecules in our bodies may lead to future biotech developments

micro crystals

These materials can bring us one step closer to a sustainable future

Perovskite with and without etching

Understanding the properties of these materials will help advance new photoelectric technologies 

(l-r) Profs. Gary Hodes, Henry Snaith and David Cahen

Materials that capture the higher end of the spectrum will be the next wave of photovoltaics

Prof. Hasan Dweik of Al-Quds University (left), Dr. Ami Shalit, Director of the Feinberg Graduate School (left, upper row) and students from Al-Quds and Weizmann, participants in the Social Sciences and Humanitarian Affairs Master’s Program of the Sapienza University of Rome, at the Weizmann Institute of Science several years ago

Israeli and Arab scientists meet over chemistry

Profs. David Cahen, Leeor Kronik and Ron Naaman

To keep up with today’s fast-paced, technology-driven world, the quest to discover new materials has become more crucial than ever