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David Cahen

illustration:"Buckyball" discovery
They sound like characters in a miniature fantasyland: fullerene, nanotube and quantum dot. But these and other nanosized...
illustration: How “micro” can we go?
For decades, “thinking big” in electronics has meant the pursuit of smaller and smaller goals. Only a short while ago, for...
Ayelet Vilan. Bringing about organic control

Organic molecules may be the future of electronics. Weizmann Institute scientists are leading the way

A First: Scientists Control The Properties of Semiconductor Devices Using Organic Molecules
Weizmann Institute scientists have made an important step towards harnessing organic molecules to future electronics. Reported in...
Semiconductor, Heal Thyself

How does a semiconductor material repair itself, even in outer space?
How 'Micro' Can We Go?
Microelectronics may be a growth industry, but the devices it produces are getting smaller every year. Just how "micro...