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David Givol

RiPS (RNA-induced pluripotent stem) cells grow long, nerve-cell-like extensions when moved to a new substrate
A new finding might help bring the medical use of stem cells one small step closer to...
Prof. David Givol
Prof. David Givol spent a significant part of his career investigating the structure-function...
Prof. David Givol and research student Hilah Gal. Differences in expression
What separates healthy stem cells from cancer stem cells?
Centers of Excellence: Gene Targeting

A new Center will offer cutting edge gene targeting techniques to four research groups

Greater Role for Weizmann Institute in Human Genome Project

Thanks to new resources and facilities, the Weizmann Institute is poised to become a full partner in the Human Genome Project...

Joining the Race to Decipher the Human Genome

An automated DNA analysis lab will enable Institute scientists to join the Human Genome Project