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Doron Lancet

Gene For Mucolipidosis IV Discovered

Israeli Research Team Discovers The Gene For An Hereditary Disorder Occurring Most Commonly In Ashkenazi Jews...

Scientists At The Weizmann Institute Propose A New Theory To The Mystery Of The Origin Of Life

Prof. Doron Lancet of the Molecular Genetics Department and his students, developed a model, suggesting a new...

How the Nose Knows

Smell receptors in our nose have a small "keyhole" whose shape can be altered to accept new odor molecules

How the Nose Knows
Whether sniffing flowers, fresh-baked bread or the fumes of a passing automobile, the human olfactory system is an...
Lost in Cyberspace? Take GeneCards

The GeneCards website makes order in the labyrinth of data on human genes

Greater Role for Weizmann Institute in Human Genome Project

Thanks to new resources and facilities, the Weizmann Institute is poised to become a full partner in the Human Genome Project...

Joining the Race to Decipher the Human Genome

An automated DNA analysis lab will enable Institute scientists to join the Human Genome Project