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Eldad Tzahor

Drawing from the Same Deck

The secrets of heart regeneration in chronic heart failure demonstrated in mice 

Potential Heart-Repair Protein Advances to a New Stage

Pre-clinical studies suggest a protein, Agrin, could limit scarring and promote natural repair mechanisms after a heart attack

heat scarring

The small molecule reduces damaging inflammation and improves heart function in mouse models of heart attack


Zombie-like cells play a role in repair - if they are properly regulated

Embryonic cardiovascular cells

Videos of forming embryonic blood vessels reveal the presence of unusual cells and the unexpected role of a well-known gene in creating blood

Sculpture: Igor Mitoraj

Factors that direct the formation of the heart and face must network during embryonic development

(l-r) Prof. Varda Rotter, Dr. Eldad Tzahor, Dr. Ariel Rinon, Alina Molchadsky and Dr. Rachel Sarig. Migration regulation

A gene that protects us from cancer is also involved in the timing of a crucial stage of embryonic development.

Lymphatic system of an adult zebrafish, from the lab of Dr. Karina Yaniv

It has been called a mystery and a miracle. It is truly a process so complex that we’re just beginning to tease apart the...