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Gene network

(l-r) Drs. Harry and BenjaminTowbin and Nora

Drs. Harry Towbin and Benjamin Towbin talk about what drew them to the Weizmann Institute

Prof. Rivka Dikstein

A newly discovered protein may present a suitably narrow target for cancer treatments

Correlations between various “cis” and “trans” effects on gene expression, under different conditions. The correlations range from high (red) to low (blue)
Gene interactions explain how hybrids can differ from both parents
Found in Translation

Genetic synonyms may encode the same amino acids, but the results are not always identical

Dr. Roy Bar-Ziv. Gene circuits

The first prototype of an artificial circuit that hooks up genes outside the cell is produced in a Weizmann lab

Back (l-r): Students Nadav Kashtan, Ron Milo and Shalev Itzkovitz. Front: Dr. Uri Alon. Nature’s motifs

Some patterns repeat themselves in all sorts of natural networks, from genes to food chains

Dr. Uri Alon.

Scientists are probing the computational feats performed by the living cell