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Gene regulation

Surprising Players in Acute Liver Failure Point to Potential Treatment

Gut microbes and host cells jointly contribute to the progression of this mostly incurable disease

Rivka Dikstein

These molecules may prevent only some of a crucial gene's activities without affecting others

Enhancing Our Understanding of Cell Diversity

A new method, developed by Dr. Yonatan Stelzer, uncovered some fateful cellular decisions right at the beginning of embryonic development


Short-lived cells in the small intestine take on new functions as they move up finger-like projections called villi

Segal and Slutskin

New research delves into the process by which small sequences of RNA – microRNAs – regulate the long ones

Schraga Schwartz and group

Dr. Schraga Schwartz and his group are revealing in unprecedented detail a mechanism for controlling gene activity

Humans and fish share about 70% of their protein-coding genes, but only about 0.5% of their regulatory long noncoding RNAs (lncRNAs)

How some genes lost the ability to make proteins - and gained regulatory powers 

Gene Decoding Obeys Road Traffic Rules

Keeping a proper distance between "vehicles" along a gene "track" results in more efficient production of small RNA molecules

what determines how big a plant will grow

Most of the many factors for determining leaf size turn out to put on the brakes, rather than promote growth

Dr. Ido Amit

A new, automated method for mapping protein-DNA interactions may lead to advances in personalized medicine