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Gene regulation

Prof. Rivka Dikstein

A newly discovered protein may present a suitably narrow target for cancer treatments

Regulatory factor hierarchy: The highest level (top) determines a cell’s basic identity; the second (middle) shapes its properties; the third (bottom) activates genes according to changing conditions

A new, automated method for mapping protein-DNA interactions may lead to advances in personalized medicine

Prof. Yosef Yarden, Dr. Wolfgang Köstler, Amit Zeisel and Prof. Eytan Domany

Bits of gene code that are normally discarded have found a surprising new use in research

cultured Cultured nerve cells that have been inoculated with RNA-bearing viruses. This RNA targets the CRF stress response, reducing gene expression

What happens when the body is unable to turn off the stress response? 

Turning off Stress
Weizmann Institute scientists reveal the actions of a family of proteins that "turn off" the stress response. Their findings...
(l-r) Michael Kertesz and Dr. Eran Segal. Focus on targets
To target an RNA molecule: Check its shape
Prof. Gad Galili.

Plants can't think, but a gene that affects crop nutritional values has a counterpart in the human brain

Shooting The Messenger
The age-old appeal to avoid 'shooting the messenger' is apparently left unheeded by the body's protein regulation system....