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Genetic engineering

Protein Ups and Downs
A unique biological switch allows researchers  to observe the actions of any...
Dr. Asaph Aharoni. Strawberry defense

A genetically engineered plant recruits "bodyguards" that protect it against its enemies

Left to right: Prof. Ed Bayer, Jonathan Caspi, Rachel Haimovitz, Ilit Noach, Alon Karpol, Hadar Gilary, Dr. Ely Morag and Dr. Yoav Barak. Designer cellular machinery
A new version of an old cellular machine might help decompose garbage
Prof. David Mirelman and his research team. Antisense
"Silenced" amoebas could lead to a vaccine against their aggressive brethren
Kenyan farmer in an experimental corn field

A parasite-fighting technique triples corn harvests on experimental plots

Prof. Gad Galili.

Plants can't think, but a gene that affects crop nutritional values has a counterpart in the human brain

Dr. Gideon Schreiber.

A protein "matchmaker" can suggest genetic changes that make proteins more attractive to one another

In Gulliver's Garden: Tiny Tomatoes Speed Genetic Engineering of Plants
REHOVOT, Israel - December 10, 1997 - A tiny tomato, dubbed "Micro-Tom," may mean big news for genetic...
Corn Yield Tripled in Kenya

World media report: Herbicide resistant corn helps African farmers beat a deadly parasite